A Hot July Day on Edisto Island - Phillip Hare

A Hot July Day on Edisto Island

It has been a famously hot summer in Columbia.  Record breaking.  High humidity makes it feel oppressive and inescapable.  A couple weekends ago we had enough.  With rain forecast for the mountains, the coast was our only escape.  We did not escape the heat really, but instead had the ocean to cool us off.  We planned out Saturday as follows.  

Fish the rising sun and tide.  The creeks and salt marsh can be awfully still in the morning at times, and the lack of breeze is no good this time of year.  The first couple of hours after sunrise do offer a respite from the heat of the day though.  We ended up only bringing one under-slot redfish to boat, but it was still a great morning on the water.

Hit the beach during the late morning and early afternoon.  The onshore breeze picked up around 11 and helped the beach stay bearable as the sun rose high in the sky.  That, plus a good beach umbrella and several water sessions.

Nap time at the house during the sweltering afternoon.

Fix some supper.

Sunset and magic hour at the dock.

I'd say mission accomplished.

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