Cali Road Trip: Joshua Tree Part 3

This was our one full day in Joshua Tree.  We filled it with discovery and adventure until the temperature rose above 110.  At that point we retired to the surprisingly comfortable cabin for an afternoon siesta.  We made a bit of dinner.  What we were really waiting on was magic hour.  

The previous evening had been incredible, watching the sunset over the desert and enjoying the magical light this landscape produces at days end.  Our plan was to wander down through the wash at our property's edge and then check out an abandoned cabin a bit further out in the distance.  We were hoping to see a desert tortoise, as well check out some of the flora on offer here in the Mojave.  

We finally got back to the porch just as it was getting truly dark, well past sunset.  The star images posted at the end did not turn out like I hoped.  We really wanted to experience the darkness, the absence of light pollution, that Joshua Tree is known for, and we did to some extent.  But, our trip coincided with a full moon rising about 2 hours after sunset and as a result that darkness never came.  Seeing the desert bathed in moonlight was pretty spectacular too though.  We definitely weren't mad.

One image note: these images have a bit different look to them than the editing style I've been using as of late.  This is because they are unedited, straight out of camera JPEGs.  I've really enjoyed switching from Nikon to Fuji tools, and the film simulations that Fuji provides are one of the reasons why.  I typically edit raw files for just about all of my images.  The Fuji JPEGs give me options though, and for this batch in the blue hour light of the desert, I just couldn't produce anything that gave a better translation of the evening.  I created some edits I liked, but I just kept going back to these files instead.  SOOC it is.  

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