Thanksgiving at Edisto - Phillip Hare

Thanksgiving at Edisto

Thanksgiving makes for one of those weird holidays, a story from history that seems odd to celebrate now.  It does, however, mean a great time for gathering family and spending time with them.  On this Thanksgiving Day, Max, Dad, and I spent the afternoon on the water.  We cruised through creeks as the tide fell.  Spotted sea trout were our target and we found them in numbers.  We fished until the sun lowered itself below the horizon and headed home to our Thanksgiving meal as the sky glowed with its magical blue hour colors.

The next day Mom and Kristen decided to join us.  The wind laid down, making for glassy nearshore water.  The temperature rose to near 70.  The weakfish bite was strong, though no reds found our lines along the bottom.  It was a great day on the water, time well spent outdoors with family.

Most fish we landed went right back into the water.  We did keep a few trout and a weakfish for the cast iron skillet though.  Catch and release is preferred most of the time.  Fresh caught fish is far superior to anything bought in a store though, a treat too delicious not to enjoy occasionally.  

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